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SaltCON Spring 2024

Feb 29-Mar 3, 2024
Layton, UT
Davis Conference Center
Layton, UT

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About SaltCON Spring 2024

SaltCON Spring, taking place from Feb 29-Mar 3, 2024, in Layton, Utah, is the state's biggest board game convention. Participants are expected to join thousands of board game enthusiasts for an event demonstrating the very best of interactive gaming. The convention will feature a bustling vendor hall, a game library of over 2000 unique games, and a dynamic game swap room for attendees to uncover hidden treasures. In addition to traditional board games, the convention expands its gaming experience by featuring intriguing role-playing games (RPGs). Among the unique events highlighted are the Artemis, a real-time, networked video game competition, and a puzzle hunt, where participants are challenged to solve intricate puzzles to win prizes. SaltCON Spring also accommodates the creative side of gamers by arranging miniature painting events. There's also a live flea market for scoring vintage, rare, or downright unique gaming gems and a themed jewelry and decor section to immerse visitors in the world of gaming even more. Numerous tournaments are scheduled throughout the convention which will test your skills against a pool of talented gamers.
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SaltCON Spring 2024