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Anime Lubbock 2024

Feb 2-4, 2024
Lubbock, TX
MCM Eleganté Hotel & Suites
Lubbock, TX

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About Anime Lubbock 2024

Experience the absolute best of anime culture at Anime Lubbock, a unique three-day event held in Lubbock, Texas. This convention isn't just about celebrating anime, but also about fostering connections between anime lovers and the wider community. Receive exclusive access to meet and greet sessions with anime professionals and gaming enthusiasts, shop in the artist's alley for rare finds, and partake in the excitement of cosplay photo shoots. Anime Lubbock also offers special events and performances worth highlighting. A particularly notable feature is its Chill Zone, intended for attendees to unwind and socialize. Another not-to-miss event is the Halcyon Knights show, providing convention-goers with memorable entertainment. Plus, this convention is specifically crafted to cater the anime community, making this event an absolute must-visit for any fan. Bedroom bookings can also be made at the convention's hotel for those who wish to turn the event into an anime retreat weekend.
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