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ConNooga 2024

Feb 23-25, 2024
Chattanooga, TN
The Chattanooga Convention Center
Chattanooga, TN

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About ConNooga 2024

ConNooga, touted as Chattanooga, Tennessee's ultimate entertainment bash, invites fans from all corners of the globe to celebrate the expanse of multi-fandom culture. Covering a wide variety of domains, the convention promises an immersive experience in everything from Anime, Comics, Music, Science Fiction, Horror, Cosplay, Costuming, Fantasy, British Media, Gaming, Paranormal, and much more! ConNooga sprawls across 160,000 square feet of Fandom Fun, ensuring enough space for artists, authors, and fans to mingle, collaborate, and celebrate their shared enthusiasm. Brimming with contests, showcasing a plethora of authors, tattoo artists, and other special guests, ConNooga promises a roller-coaster ride of pop-culture entertainment. From a grand vendor hall buzzing with commerce to comprehensive programming geared towards fan-based content, the convention ensures a weekend of compelling experiences. A distinct feature seen at ConNooga is the attendance of cosplay guests adding a spectacular visual treat to the fandom event. Not to mention, the convention also artfully merges its expansive celebrations with charity partnerships, reflecting its broad and inclusive vision. Kids under 6 are always welcomed free, and the convention hours extend late into the night, ensuring that the Fandom Fun never stops at ConNooga, truly living up to its motto: "It's Your Con!"
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