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SaltCON Spring 2024

Feb 29-Mar 3, 2024
Layton, UT
Layton, UT

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About SaltCON Spring 2024

Indulge in the thrilling universe of board games at SaltCON Spring convention! Held in Layton, UT, from February 29 to March 3, 2024, this event is Utah's significant destination for board game lovers who aspire to bring people together through engaging gameplay. Expect a bustling crowd of over 2000 attendees sharing a common passion, eager to explore the giant library of more than 2000 games spanning various genres such as card games, role-playing games, dexterity games, miniature games, and more. Be ready to browse through vendor stalls showcasing game-themed jewelry, decor and accessories, or find an awesome deal at the live flea market. The convention also hosts thrilling RPG adventures, hot game swaps, and competitive tournaments for those seeking a dash of challenge. Unique events like the Puzzle Hunt, the Meeple Nation events, and Envoy Demos add a spice of excitement to the gaming experience. A separate space for miniature painting calls for artists to show off their skills in tiny canvases. All this, coupled with reservable tables to ensure your comfort, makes SaltCON an unmissable event for every board game enthusiast!
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