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MEPaCon 2023

Oct 20-22, 2023
Bethlehem, PA
Hilton Scranton & Conference Center
Bethlehem, PA

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About MEPaCon 2023

MEPaCon is a premier, triennial gaming convention taking place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This thrilling event is renowned for delivering gaming galore with over 200 hours of gaming excitement that ranges from dedicated role-playing scenarios to casual board games, accommodating gamers of all preferences and ages. Along with this exceptional gaming mania, MEPaCon keeps the enthusiasm rolling for all three days with hosted gaming sessions, gripping contests, game auctions featuring both new and vintage games, and even miniature painting sessions. But it doesn't stop there! MEPaCon caters to a variety of interests, providing access to the newest games on the market, courtesy of onsite vendors. Not to mention, the Main Event takes place on Saturday at 6 PM, and includes a live auction and the announcement of the winners of costume, miniatures, and coloring contests, as well as a charity dice guess game. Furthermore, a plethora of vendors are featured, offering everything from gaming supplies to geek-themed crafts and clothing. Whether you're a passionate RPG player or just love a good board game, MEPaCon is designed to provide a jam-packed gaming experience that appeals to every type of adventurer.
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