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Anime St. Louis 2024

Apr 26-28, 2024
St. Charles, MO
St. Charles Convention Center
St. Charles, MO


About Anime St. Louis 2024

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Anime at Anime St. Louis, the city's most significant convention celebrating Japanese animation and manga! Set to take place at the St. Charles Convention Center, the event showcases the unique blend of art, culture, and community associated with Anime. Attendees are welcomed to three days of non-stop excitement and entertainment, featuring industry guests, an array of exhibitors, interactive programming, and mind-blowing cosplay creativity where fans can bring their beloved characters to life. Anime St. Louis is not only a convention but a festive celebration studded with star guests, a bustling Dealer's & Artist Alley, lively Maid Cafe, gripping Onkai Idol Stage, and an engaging gaming segment. The excitement doesn't end there! Special attractions and workshops will keep you intrigued every step of the way. So don't miss out on this outstanding Anime St. Louis convention, strategically scheduled for April 2024. Plan, pre-register, save on admission, and prepare for an anime experience like no other. So, gather your fellow fans and dive into the captivating realm of anime and manga like never before!
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