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Cosplay Expo 2023

Dec 8-10, 2023
Las Vegas, NV
375 E Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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About Cosplay Expo 2023

Elevate yourself into the vibrant world of your favorite anime, comic, and sci-fi characters at the Cosplay Expo in Las Vegas. This convention offers a larger than life experience, inviting you to embody your favorite characters for a full weekend of festivities. An array of elaborately costumed fans, touched with the magic of imagination, and embodying the spirit of their beloved characters, is truly an electrifying sight to behold. The Cosplay Expo prides itself as more than just a show, but rather a spectacular exhibition showcasing the crème de la crème of anime, video games, and of course, cosplay. The expo floor will be bursting with energy, featuring hundreds of vendors and artists, each contributing to the pulsating excitement of the convention. A star-studded attendance of over 30 distinguished guests, voice actors, and cosplayers further amplify the exhilarating experience. Along with this, the convention hosts 15 major stage events, welcoming over 50 exhibitors and more than 60 artists, crafting an explosive fusion of creative talents. Join us at the Cosplay Expo, an anime and cosplay convention that promises to encapsulate the thrilling universe of imaginative costuming.
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