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Animefest 2024

May 24-26, 2024
Brno, Czech republic
Brno, Czech republic


About Animefest 2024

Immerse yourself in the vibrant universe of anime at Animefest, the premier anime convention of Europe, located in the heart of Brno, Czech Republic. This three-day extravaganza, taking place from May 24 through May 26, 2024, confidently stands as a testament to fans' love for anime, comics, and their multifarious subcultures. Animefest is more than just a convention, it's an encounter into the remarkably imaginative and exploratory realm of anime that unites enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Find your tribe among the throng of attendees adorned in costumes, bearing a striking resemblance to their beloved characters. Engage in stimulating discussions with guest lecturers, who are well-renowned figures in the anime industry, or enjoy the vast repertoire of experiences Animefest has to offer. From the intricately planned cosplay shows and live drawing sessions to a multitude of contests and activities, the convention promises an atmosphere brimming with creativity, camaraderie, and, most all, an absolute appreciation for the artistry of anime. Every aspect of Animefest, from its precise organization to the unique festival grounds, aspires to deliver an unforgettable experience tailor-made for anime aficionados.
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