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Sunnycon Anime Expo 2024

Jun 21-23, 2024
St James' Park Station (Stop SC), London, UK
St James' Park Station (Stop SC)
St James' Park Station (Stop SC), London, England


About Sunnycon Anime Expo 2024

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of anime at the Sunnycon Anime Expo, a premier event taking place in the heart of London's St James' Park. This bustling, three-day celebration of all things anime ignites the imagination with its extensive offerings. Unleash your creativity by joining in on the cosplay activities, learn from industry professionals in insightful panels, and explore a horde of artwork from talented artisans across the globe. Nail-biting gaming competitions offer thrills for participants and spectators alike, while the traders’ area provides a treasure trove of merchandise for discerning collectors. Experience the magic again with the return of the highly anticipated Chibi Sunny, the one-day event that is a fan-favourite. Do not miss out on the meticulously curated gatherings that bring together anime enthusiasts on a scale unprecedented. Witness the full expanse of this influential genre come alive, and create unforgettable moments that resonate beyond the convention walls. Whether you're an ardent anime fan or a curious observer, Sunnycon Anime Expo promises an engaging adventure into the enticing realm of anime. Join us in June 2024, and be part of this unforgettable celebration of creativity, fandom, and Japanese animation culture.
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