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Japan Expo 2024

Jul 11-14, 2024
Villepinte, IDF
Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
Villepinte, IDF

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About Japan Expo 2024

Japan Expo invites enthusiastic fans of all aspects of Japanese culture - be it manga or martial arts, video games or traditional music - to a grand celebration. This event is designed as an indispensable hub for keen hobbyists and for those newly venturing into the rich and diverse world of Japanese culture. Set just half an hour from Paris in Villepinte, this expo showcases anime and manga through various mediums, explores the hypnotic rhythms of J-pop alongside the traditional music, unravels the world of video games, and authentically brings the age-old Japanese folklore and aesthetics to life. The event transforms Villepinte into a bustling cultural haven, vividly reviving the spirit of Japan through inspiring exhibitions, immersive workshops, enthralling performances, and engaging meet-and-greets. Whether you're an ardent otaku, a committed gamer, an aspiring manga artist, or just intrigued by the beauty of Japanese culture, Japan Expo offers an unforgettable voyage across Japanese arts spanning both time and genre. Attendees from the world over can expect limitless discoveries and a true embodiment of the fascinating fusion between the modern and the traditional that is quintessentially Japanese.
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