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Kitsune Kon 2024

Jul 19-21, 2024
Green Bay, WI
KI Convention Center
Green Bay, WI


About Kitsune Kon 2024

Set within the scenic landscapes of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Kitsune Kon is a remarkable melding of anime culture and gaming fantasia. This spirited fan convention is meticulously designed with voice actor mini-conferences, authentically replicated anime rooms, a diverse range of gaming setups from retro consoles to cutting-edge technologies, and various other astonishing features. Its distinctiveness emerges from the reincarnation of literary café ethos in its manga café, where visitors can step back from the exhilarating roars of the convention and immerse themselves in the tranquil persistence of manga stories. Traditionally conducted at the KI Convention Center, Kitsune Kon pledges itself to spreading the joy of anime and gaming in the Fox Valley Area and Green Bay. The convention site is filled to the brim with electrifying activities, technological marvels, captivating performances, interactive forums, and an exclusive section for foam sword fighting, demonstrating a thoughtful blend of nostalgic with the modern. Attendees are therefore invited to participate in this colorful celebration that thrives on the collective passion for anime and gaming, making it a must-experience event for every enthusiast in the area.
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