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Ottawa Comiccon 2024

Sep 6-8, 2024
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ey Centre
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


About Ottawa Comiccon 2024

Immerse yourself in the universe of creativity and fantasy at the Ottawa Comiccon, a three-day event dedicated to pop culture, comics, film, television, and more. Located at the EY Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, this Comiccon offers guests the opportunity to meet their favourite actors and creators, becoming part of the ever-evolving story of their favorite franchises. Attend interviews, workshops, and exclusive reveals, or explore the Exhibition Hall, where a slew of exhibitors have set up shop with memorabilia, collectibles, and original creations. Unleash your inner superhero (or villain!) by participating in the anticipated Cosplay events - armed with rules and regulations to ensure maximum fun at the masquerade. Don't forget to get your hands on exclusive Comiccon merchandise to commemorate the adventurous weekend! It doesn't matter if you're a comic book fanatic, a sci-fi lover, a movie buff, or just someone who loves the excitement and community of a good fandom - Ottawa Comiccon has something enticing for everyone. Wander through rows and rows of exceptional artist works in the Artist Alley, watch the competitive cosplay contests, and come face to face with your beloved on-screen characters. Be prepared to be captivated by the realm of make-believe across the realms of media, literature, and the arts. Whether you prefer mingling with fellow fans or delving into the specifics of creation through guest panels and workshops, there's no limit to the experiences offered at the Ottawa Comiccon.
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