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Pop Culture Fair Spring 2012

Mar 4, 2012
Edmonton, Canada
11410 Kingsway Avenue - Alberta Aviation Museum
Edmonton, Canada

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About Pop Culture Fair Spring 2012

The Pop Culture Fair is one of the biggest shows of its kind in western Canada. It’s more than a toy show, its more than a record show, it’s more than a comic show: it’s a combination of everything pop-culture. For well over a decade, it’s been a bi-annual event, held in the spring and the fall. With over 200 vendors from all over Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan together for just one day, it brings together collectors, enthusiasts, peers, and people of all kinds and like minds. You will find new and vintage items, basement collectors showcasing their treasures, stores looking to blow out old stock and advertise new and other vendors coming just to spend the day and enjoy themselves, because they know there’s a little bit of everything for everybody. It’s a full day of books, t-shirts, toys, records, comics, posters, anything and everything pop culture related.
Pop Culture Fair Spring 2012 Pictures
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Pop Culture Fair Spring 2012