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Congress of Gamers 2024

May 4-5, 2024
Rockville, MD
1150 Carnation Dr
Rockville, MD

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About Congress of Gamers 2024

Congress of Gamers is dedicated specifically to supporting board gamers. In addition to organizing local board game conventions, Congress of Gamers produces and maintains online web sites, lists, blogs, and wikis that support board gamers. Click the links at left to see some of them. Congress of Gamers' news is shared on FaceBook. Convention news is also delivered by email. If you want to get emails, or want to be removed from emails, send us your email address. Please print and share our flyer with your local game groups. Photos and details of past conventions are online here. Congress of Gamers buys game collections. Have a large collection? Here are some ideas for managing it. Looking for local game stores? Here's a map and list for stores in the DMV. Want great deals on game purchases? Visit the Auction Store at any of our conventions and check out these tips. A major project we've just started is a Board Game Accessories ideas and sourcebook.
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