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Sci-Fi Horror Fest 2024

Aug 16-17, 2024
Vernon, NY
Vernon, NY


About Sci-Fi Horror Fest 2024

Discover the confluence of thrilling science fiction elements and spine-chilling horror at the Sci-Fi Horror Fest 2023. All set to take place at the spectacular venue in Vernon, NY, this fascinating two-day convention brings fans together from across the globe to celebrate their shared passion. From the richest collections of merchandise to autograph signing sessions with celebrity guests, the convention has something for everyone. Not to forget, exclusive VIP parties and ample opportunities to network with fellow aficionados and industry experts. Moreover, the convention serves as a platform for vendors to exhibit their unique creations based on horror and sci-fi themes. Brought to you by Bloody Murder Productions, the event promises an unforgettable experience wrapped in relentless suspense and astonishing wonder, the likes of which the sci-fi horror genre has always promised. Prepare for an otherworldly journey where all your favourite scary fantasies and intergalactic dreams collide in a daunting yet alluring spectacle.
Map to Sci-Fi Horror Fest
, Vernon, NY 13476 US
Sci-Fi Horror Fest 2024 Sci-Fi Horror Fest 2023