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AnimeiCon 2012

Nov 30-Dec 2, 2012
Monterey, CA
Monterey Hyatt Hotel & Conference Center
Monterey, CA

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About AnimeiCon 2012

AnimeiCon welcomes you to become a sponsor for our annual Animation Convention to benefit the Education of the Arts.The primary source of funding for the various arts is from all of our sponsors, such as yourself. AnimeiCon receives no governmental funds. This exciting event will be held on the beautiful Monterey Coast Our waterfront community on the central coast of California with a temperate climate year-round and to once again share in celebration of this momentous event in one of the most sought out tourist destination, Monterey, California. Our mission is to introduce and inspire our youth and young adults in the various animation art forms to broaden creativity, encourage passion for the arts, and to establish a positive self-identity, promoting creative thinkers for our future. AnimeiCon has provided various aids to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Sponsorships that you provide to this event will be used for aiding the arts programs in various education Institutions, Nonprofit Organization (American Red Cross, Operation USA, etc., and reliefs.
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AnimeiCon 2012