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Yaoifest 2009

Aug 30-Sep 1, 2009
Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB

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About Yaoifest 2009

Yaoi is more then a boy’s love genre, it is a gathering of mostly female writers and artists working to expand and enrich an art form created by and for women. And YAOiFEST is not just a new Convention but also a community.<br /> <br /> To honor the history of Yaoi and recognize that many Yaoi fans are also creators in their own right, YAOiFEST is pleased to offer a number of panels geared towards artists and writers. In addition to fun activities such as Bishounen Auction, Cosplay and Yaoi Improv. YAOiFEST also intends to serve the community needs of boy’s love fans by offering year round programming; parties, contests and movie dates.<br /> <br /> Join YAOiFEST August 29-30th and year round in celebrating all that is Yaoi!<br />
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