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Raven Con 2010

Apr 9-11, 2010
Richmond, VA
Holiday Inn Select - Kroger Center
Richmond, VA

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About Raven Con 2010

Science Fiction & Fantasy return to Richmond with RavenCon 2010, a weekend celebrating the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. (And as we're playing the Edgar Allan Poe angle, we're Mystery friendly, too!) Join our guests for panel discussions and workshops that can only happen at RavenCon!
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Guests of Honor
Author: Rachel Caine
Artist: R. Cat
Gaming: Steve Long

Confirmed Guests:

Danielle Ackley-McPhail Robert V. Aldrich Mike Allen Catherine Asaro Davey Beauchamp Stephen Euin Cobb Julie Cochrane Malcolm Deeley Greg Eatroff James Enge Andrew Fox Charles Gannon Lyn Gardner Valerie Griswold-Ford C J Henderson Laurel Anne Hill Nancy Holzner Stuart Jaffe Eric Kotani Gail Martin Lee Martindale Philip McCall Peter Prellwitz Gray Rinehart Bud Sparhawk Jim Stratton Amy Sturgis Laura J Underwood Bud Webster Steve White Leona Wisoker Allen Wold

Anita Allen Janine Garner Sara Harvey

Barbara Friend Ish Edmund Schubert Hildy Silverman Entertainment: Luna-C

Kelly Lockhart

Rob Balder Danny Birt Tom Rockwell

Christina Stiles

Bruce Erb Billy Flynn Rich Sigfrit Jon Stallard Terri "Flynstress" Vernon

Laura A. Burns John Cmar Brian McLaughlin Tedd Roberts

Web Comics:
Bernie Hou James Hatton Chris Impink Bryan Prindiville
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Raven Con 2010