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SugoiCon 2009

Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009
Ft. Mitchell, KY
The Drawbridge Inn
Ft. Mitchell, KY

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About SugoiCon 2009

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Guests of Honor
Chris Ayres (Speed Grapher, Gantz, Godannar, Maburaho)
Greg Ayres (Negima!, Chrono Crusade, Beck, Nerima Daikon Bros.)
FICE: Enn & Hyou (singers/performance artists, cosplayers)
Josh Grelle (Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple, Comic Party, Moonlight Mile)
James Hatton (In His Likeness, Rorschach webcomics)
Dan Hess (Angel Moxie, Realms of Ishikaze, Weesh! webcomics)
Sizu Miyano (singer and cosplayer)
Jan Scott-Frazier (executive producer of Voices For and anime insider)
Hideaki and Nobu Takatori (singer and lead guitarist, COA & ZETKI)
Richard and Shannon Townsend (Otaku-no-Yen webcomic)
Yasuhiro Koshi of Big Fighter Project (author, actor, military expert)
Brittney Karbowski (voice actor, Soul Eater, Kanon, Coyote Ragtime Show)
Doug Smith (artist and voice actor, Goldenboy)
Greg Ayres Greg Ayres voice actor
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SugoiCon 2009