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Nagu Con 2014

Jul 25-27, 2014
Helena, MT
Red Lion Colonial Hotel
Helena, MT
Con Statistics
Small (<1K)
Under 1K Attendees

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About Nagu Con 2014

All the information you need can be found on our website. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Every year we host a charity raffle to benefit Autism Speaks and other charities geared toward funding of autism research, increasing autism awareness, and providing assistance to families struggling with autism. This year's NaguCon convention, named NC:2014, is themed Maids and Butlers. This is our 4th year and we know it's going to be awesome! We look forward to having a great time with everyone.
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Nagu Con 2014

Nagu Con is categorized as a small anime convention. Small conventions are often a lot more intimate than medium-size and larger events, making it a lot easier to recognize people throughout the weekend and make new friends. Some smaller conventions have an extremely limited array of events with just 1 or 2 things happening at any given time, while others try to emulate larger cons with a ton of things happening throughout the weekend. Smaller events with under 200 people tend to have the fewest events, but conventions with over 700 attendees can still be very busy.

Small-sized conventions are often a staple for mostly local attendees who may live within a couple hours drive from the venue. However most attendees will still put a ton of time and effort into cosplaying, and there are often more cosplayers per person at a small convention than at the largest ones. These costumes may be more amateur, and there may be fewer wowza-level costumes overall.

Attending a small anime convention is usually very easy if you live nearby, however may not be worth the driving time if you live several hours away depending on your ability to make and find friends. If you make friends easily, even the smallest convention can become exciting. It is usually easier to get autographs and get into all the events at a smaller convention, and registration prices are usually very reasonable.

Tips for attending Nagu Con

At a smaller convention, you will only have as much fun as you can make of it. Even if you are shy by nature, you're still very likely to make friends with people as long as you're open minded when attending. Coming in costume will help instantly, especially if other people are wearing cosplay from the same series. Often the people at local anime cons are extremely approachable and friendly, and even people who are not normally social will find that they fit in very well. If talking to people is not your strong suit, you are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, especially events where socializing is encouraged such as formal dances and interactive panels.