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Tanoshiicon 2014

Mar 1, 2014
West Chester, PA
West Chester University
West Chester, PA

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About Tanoshiicon 2014

Tanoshiicon is going to be an all-encompassing, multi-genre convention that caters to the tastes shared by geeks of all kinds, ranging from comic book connoisseurs to Whovians, from Gamer Grumps to anime fanatics and everything in between, we will have something for everyone! It will be open to the public and held at West Chester University on March 1, 2014. A safe college town with old world charm, great for photography and perfectly safe to walk the streets at all times. Tanoshiicon is being brought together by an amazing group of students who love everything from anime to video games! We strive to make a fun, enjoyable, and exciting convention for the nerds, geeks, and artists of the East coast. Be a part of our premiere multi-genre convention at West Chester University, where fans from all walks of life are welcome!
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Tanoshiicon 2014