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ConnectiCon 2014

Jul 10-13, 2014
Hartford, CT
Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, CT

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About ConnectiCon 2014

Overview ConnectiCon is a membership-based organization, run by a very dedicated volunteer staff. ConnectiCon is New England's ONLY massively, multi-genre pop culture convention, the convention's focus is on all things pop culture and does every genre of pop culture in as big a way as possible. The event attracts over 10,000 people to the Hartford area annually, and plans to expand to other venues in downtown Hartford. ConnectiCon was the proud recipient of the Bring It Home Award from the Greater Hartford Convention and Visitor's Bureau. In addition to hosting the annual members' convention held in Hartford each summer, ConnectiCon also offers MONTHLY member appreciation events at their headquarters in Newington, CT. These monthly events are held on the 2nd Saturday each month from 10am - 10pm and feature console gaming, screenings, tabletop roleplaying games, board gaming, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and other convention related events. It is a great venue for members and fans to get together on a more regular basis, and in a more intimate setting than a large convention. History ConnectiCon was founded in 2002 by a group of friends at the University of Hartford who, at the time, were involved in a related campus club known as The University of Hartford Science Fiction and Fantasy Guild ("The Guild"). After making long treks across the U.S. to fan events, they were looking for a convention closer to home that met their varied interests. The founders decided to start their own convention in Connecticut dedicated to the many genres they enjoy (board games, sci-fi, anime, video games, card games, comics, etc.), the list of which continues to grow. This lead to its designation as a "Massively Multi-genre" convention. Mathew Daigle- The Guild's President -was a regular convention-goer since 1997, and was the initial proponent of the idea of creating a multi-genre convention in Connecticut. He used and fully developed the concept for his senior project as an Entrepreneurial Studies major. After the project was completed, he proposed to his friends that they should make the convention a reality! The first ConnectiCon was held in July of 2003 at the University of Hartford campus. It hosted just over 800 members in its first year. As the convention grew, it eventually moved to the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The center was and remains the largest meeting space in the state. It opened in the summer of 2005, and ConnectiCon was one of its first events. The convention has been held there every summer since. It has grown to encompass the entire center the attached hotel, and other venues in downtown Hartford for one weekend
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ConnectiCon 2014