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2d6 is here to rock the stage! Strap on your spats and lace ‘em tight to prepare for high-energy nerd-themed hip-hop with a lot of hyphenates! Otherwise, you know, yourspats might blow off, and then you’d lose your spats. No one wants to lose their spats! 2d6’s rhymes are about the geekiest of geek topics: anime conventions, Boba Fett, Amedeo Avogadro, daikaiju, geek girls, and the like. Do you like rocking out? What about high-energy concerts? Stupid videos on big screens? Silly hats? Do you enjoy eating candy? We will throw some at you. Do you just need a comfortable place to chill out and read some Dostoevsky? THIS CONCERT IS FOR YOU. A little about 2d6: In 2009, in Youngstown, Ohio, a runaway cat and dog were just trying to find their way home. When they found a pair of mystical 6-sided dice, they were transformed into men who couldn’t stop rapping. It was terrifying and a little upsetting to everyone involved.