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Corinne "Megami33" Sudberg

Corinne “Megami33” Sudberg is a professional voice actress and singer. She makes English adapted song covers from various anime shows on her Youtube channel and is also the official singer for the theme song to Bananya, “Lucky Holiday” from Discotek Media. She has worked with Everest Productions (Pororo: A Christmas Special), Media Blasters (Holy Knight OVA, Ladies versus Butlers!) & Sound Cadence (Regalia: Of Men & Monarchs) to say a few as well as other indie developers/animations.

Joining the abridging world with Sailor Moon Abridged, aka SMA, back in 2007, she’s become involved in providing voices for many other abridged/parody shows, but is mostly known for providing the voice of Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, Marlene in FFVII Machinabridged and of course, Bulma, Chiaotzu, Puar and Baby Trunks in Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged. She’s also provided voices for other web based series like Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall & Aphmau’s Minecraft Diaries series to say a few.

Convention Appearances By Corinne "Megami33" Sudberg
Liberty City Anime Con 2018