Rhoulette Cosplay

After winning the community vote for the 2013 League of Legends Mask Contest for her Justicar Syndra mask, Rhoulette discovered a profound respect and love for armor-crafting, propmaking, sewing, and special effects. She decided to launch her cosplay career August of 2014 after contracting the “fever” (to which the only prescription was more cosplay)! Her first cosplay was of Officer Jinx, a fan-art skin she brought to life thanks to Party City and her closet. Since then, Rhou has debuted several League of Legends cosplays: Ravenborn LeBlanc, Debonair Jayce (genderbend), Battle Bunny Diana (fan-art skin), TPA Shen (genderbend), and PROJECT: Leona. In addition, she debuted her Han Solo (genderbend) at last year’s Animore! She’s passionate about pushing the boundaries of her costumes, often challenging herself to adopt new skills in order to expand and improve upon her craftsmanship. Rhou graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Applied Information Technology with concentration in Information Security and a minor in Business. She works full time in the video game industry and is currently working on a Huntress Widowmaker (Overwatch) cosplay with plans for BBQ Leona, Star Guardian Janna, and Program Soraka. Fun fact: she’s originally from Serbia and speaks Serbian fluently!