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Michael A. Zekas

Michael A. Zekas is a voice actor and audio engineer originally from South Jersey and now deep in the heart of Texas with work playing nationwide in animation, video games, and educational media. A regular in the cast of Media Blasters productions, you can hear his work as Cliff Strive in the anime Holy Knight and among the cast on Ladies vs. Butlers and Juden-chan.

Outside of anime, Michael acts as the Left-Hand Man of award-winning Austin-based indie game developer Team Dogpit as a recurring actor, audio engineer, casting director, and software Q.A. for the games Lotería del Adiós, Hashtag Everest, and Slam Fighter II. Other notable roles include Technobabylon and Shardlight as published by New York-based adventure game studio Wadjet Eye Games as well as Lords of Xulima, Norse Noir, the web animation Epsilon, radio plays Ruffled and The Amazing Adventures of Action Jack & Obvious Girl, and the fantasy ESL educational series Red Magic by Little Fox.

Come on out and have some fun. Whether talking about business, caffeinated beverages, world culture, puppies, or fabulously posing like a Joestar, your entertainment is his pleasure.