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Eyeshine is a four piece, “edge rock” band out of West Hills, California. Since 2006, they have self-produced three albums and have been touring nationwide. Eyeshine has been a part of several massive music tours, and they perform incredible sets wherever they are in the world. Despite being fronted by an anime star and former power ranger, Johnny Yong Bosch, Eyeshine typically focuses on producing their own music rather than acting as a cover band. Eyeshine has performed at numerous anime conventions around the country where Johnny Yong Bosch is a guest anime voice actor.

Convention Appearances By Eyeshine
Animeland Wasabi 2014
Anime Crossroads 2013
Kawaii Kon 2013
Yama-Con 2012
QC Anime-zing! 2012
Kawaii Kon 2012
QC Anime-zing! 2011
Anime Kaigi 2010 2010
QC Anime-zing! 2010
Ikkicon 2010
Tora-Con 2010
Anime South 2009