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Fritz Cosplay

It all started at the age of 12 when Joleen (aka Fritz Cosplay) was sketching out ideas for characters in unique dresses or strange outfits. Those sketches itched to come out and be real, and so they did. Otakon 2006 was her first convention and 44 conventions later, she has no plans on stopping. Hoping to spread the word of cosplay/costuming, and how she got going from not knowing anything about sewing or making her own costumes to making unique outfits and elaborate ball gowns. Learning to sew on her own with some assistance from her mom was tough, but thankfully to one of her best friends for helping her tune her skills there is almost nothing she can’t handle. She has won awards including 1st place at Nipponcon (2015), and best in show at AniMore (2016). Her costume count is roughly around 50 outfits. Fritz cosplay is a lover of anime, manga, k-drama‚Äôs, video games and of course Disney! Fritz cosplay is also a character performer with an amazing company called Faerie Fantastical Parties, who loves to make special visits to hospitals and children’s birthday parties. Don’t hesitate to stop by and chat with her!