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In 2004, GASHICON entered the graphics production company of S-INC – “INCS.”
GASHICON became the person in charge of the graphic design for the fashion brand “h.NAOTO.”

In 2005, the “gro-kawa” (grotesque-cute) character brand “HANGRY&ANGRY” produced by h.NAOTO was started. As the illustrator GASHICON is in charge of the production of HANGRY& ANGRY’s characters and comics. The HANGRY&ANGRY comics became a serial comic strip appearing in magazines such as KERA and CURE. (They are still published monthly in CURE magazines)

In 2008, the HANGRY&ANGRY Osaka store – Ura-Harajuku opened, and the character rock band, “HANGRY&ANGRY FUTURE” was formed, consisting of former MORNING MUSUME? members Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa. The unit released their mini album “KISS ME KILL ME” in the same year.

Convention Appearances By GASHICON
Sakura-Con 2014