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Marcus M. Mauldin

Marcus first started his career on stage in Musical Theater and then to more dramatic plays and roles, winning awards for Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor,which include a Dallas Area Critic’s Award and an Irma P. Hall Black Excellence Theater Award. Marcus then moved on to television where he landed re-curring and co-star roles on such shows as The Good Guys, Dallas,Walker Texas Ranger, Breaking Bad, American Crime,Chase, and Queen Sugar. Next Step was Film. Marcus landed roles Teddy a psychopath in All Roads To Perla, A loving Brother Seth Collins in Gallows Road,Officer Benson in Carter High,Country Music Producer Bob Chandler in A Cowgirl’s Song, Treacherous Mississippi Blue in Jo And The Reaper,Big Boss Roderick in Never Goin Back, The Loving Wayman in Miss Juneteenth, The Tormented Samson in the Steps Of Faith film series, and his first leading role on film as the first African Pope in The Pope Drops In to be released later his year. However Voice work in commercials from McDonalds to Scholtsky’s evetually lead to voice work in several video games such as Dues Ex,Terminator Dawn of Fate,Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, Daikatana. But the game Paladins offered Marcus the role of Mal’ Damba…Yeeeeesssss. Anime came calling next with Appare Runman and Kuma,Kuma,Kuma Bear. next one the horizon in One Piece is the character Bonham. but the character that is beloved all over the world is in Borderlands,Borderlands game of the year, Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3, Borderlands The Pre-SeQuel,Tales from the Borderlands, Tiny Tina’s Wedding, The Award winning game Borderlands Science, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep and the recently released Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. so please welcome The Doorman,The Meat Slab, Evil Genius Crusher,Beserk Merc,Prettiest Siren of them all, The Slab King himself…..BRICK!!!