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Odin Abbott

Odin Abbott has been making costumes and props for over 35 years (if you count early halloweens). Odin started in the pre-internet era. Most learning was from books by Tom Savini and Dick Smith, as well as magazines like Cinefex and CineMagic. Honing skills by building model kits and painting miniatures for tabletop games like Warhammer 40k- Rolling all of those diverse interests into a YouTube series really seemed like the right way to go.

Odin Makes is a DIY YouTube series about making props for cosplay, or just for display. The series focuses on novice to intermediate skill levels, inexpensive materials, and if possible- minimal power tools . Projects have included: the Infinity Gauntlet, The Blades of Chaos, Thor’s hammers, and Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom. Each prop is taken from the very first step of pattern making to the finished painting, and often features on-the-fly, on-screen problem solving. It’s like a cooking show, but for props. Odin Abbott (Odin Makes/DIY Prop Shop/Beyond Geek/SMOSH). See an episode for yourself: