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Starbase Indy 2018

Nov 23-25, 2018
Indianapolis, IN
Wyndham West
Indianapolis, IN

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About Starbase Indy 2018

Starbase Indy started life as a Star Trek convention in 1988. In the last two years, we have refined our mission to align with the work of Gene Rodenberry and focus on, not just celebrities, but STEM education and Humanitarianism. This year we have Q&As with SciFi insiders, our Astrophysicist Guest of Honor, children's science programming, the science behind cookies and beer, explorations of the morality of AI, and a panel with creators of the many ships of the Star Trek franchise. And much much more. check out our online Programming guide at
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Guests of Honor
Sandy Gimpel - Stuntperson Extraordinaire
Fran├žois Chau - SciFi Bad Guy
Dr. Erin Macdonald - Geeky Astrophysicist
Bill Blair - Professional Alien
Carl Taliaferro - Make-up Genius
Klingon Pop Warrior - Pop Star, Warrior
Lawrence Shoen - Klingon Language Guru
  • Charity Auction
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  • Dance
  • Dealer Room
  • Dinner
  • Fan Panels
  • For Fee Autographs
  • Guest Panels
  • Workshops
Starbase Indy 2018