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Atlanta Comic Convention 2019

Jul 28, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Marriott Hotel- Century Center
Atlanta, GA

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About Atlanta Comic Convention 2019

The Next ORIGINAL Atlanta Comic Convention is Sunday JULY 28 , 2019! WE ARE GOING TO RAFFLE TWO 4 DAY PASSES to DRAGON CON TO ONE LUCKY FAN! ( Like Last Years Winner!) You are AUTOMATICALLY Entered into the Contest with your 5.00 Admission! And you and a Friend can attended the show for FREE! ( A 250.00 VALUE! ) You will receive a Ticket when you pay the 5.00 admission. The other half of the Ticket goes into a box…at 3:00 , one of our Guests will draw out a ticket from the Box .. if THAT Ticket NUMBER matches YOUR Ticket NUMBER…YOU win TWO 4 DAY PASSES TO DRAGON CON ( a 250.00 VALUE!) GUEST : Spiderman , Avengers , Undertaker , Mankind, Iron Fist, Inhumans, Megadeth , Insane Clown Posse , Over 50 Comic Credits….Robert Brown ( He will sign any item you bring him FOR FREE!) The show is 11am to 5 pm at the Marriott Hotel - Century Center, 2000 Century Blvd , Atlanta Ga 30345. Admission 5.00. The BEST One Day Show in the South! 4 times a year for 24 years! Over ONE MILLION Comic Books ( Gold, Silver, Variants, CGC, Hottest Titles from 1.00 to 10,000..The BEST Selection of Comic Books at ANY Convention in Georgia!) , Toys ( Vintage and New, Marvel Legends, DC Direct, Pops, Star Wars) , Dr. Who, Movie Posters , X-Files, Star Trek, Pokémon, MAGIC, Yu Gi Oh MORE, Bladed Weapons! . FREE PARKING! Go to the website for full details and the coupon to fill out to enter the contest! Hope to see you there! PLUS … COME IN COSTUME YOU WILL GET THREE TICKETS TO ENTER THE DRAGON-CON CONTEST…TRIPLE your Chances to WIN! The ONLY Convention in the U.S. that ALWAYS gives a Special Gift to ALL Cosplayers that come to the show! OR …. WEAR YOUR ATLANTA COMIC CONVENTION T-SHIRT AND GET 3 EXTRA TICKETS FOR THE PRIZE DRAWING!!!! WE ALWAYS HAVE … FREE PARKING FREE GUEST AUTOGRAPHS FREE ENTRY TO THE DRAGON CON PASS CONTEST EXTRA TICKETS FOR COSPLAYERS…and Atlanta Comic Convention T-Shirt wearers ( the T-shirts were FREE also in January) THE BEST SELECTION OF COMIC BOOKS IN GEORGIA! … ALL FOR ONLY 5.00… The BEST Deal in Fandom !!!! 4 Times a year for 25 years …come help celebrate our 99th show!!!!
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