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Atlanta Comic Convention 2019

Oct 13, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Marriott Northeast/Emory Area
Atlanta, GA

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About Atlanta Comic Convention 2019

The Atlanta Comic Conventions NEXT show is Sunday OCTOBER 13th , 2019 . This Historic show will mark the FIRST Comic Convention in the World to reach 100 shows! Don’t miss being a part of this Historic Event! As THANKS to ALL the Support we have received from the Past Attendees .. We are making THIS Show OUR FAN APPRECIATION SHOW! EVERY ATTENDEE WILL GET A GIFT ( with your paid admission) !!! With your paid admission and filled out form ( from the left side of the Homepage at ) you will receive a FREE (random) MARVEL or DC LEGO FIGURE (WHILE THE LAST! ) PLUS! We are having a 600.00 Dealer Credit Bucks Prize Drawing…BUT… There will be THREE PRIZE WINNERS! WINNER #1 wins 100.00 in Dealer Credit Dollars WINNER #2 WINS 200.00 IN Dealer Credit Dollars GRAND PRIZE WINNER WINS 300.OO IN DEALER CREDIT DOLLARS Dealers Dollars are Coupons in 20.00 denominations…the 100.00 winner gets 5 coupons ..the 200.00 winner gets 10 coupons…the 300.00 winner gets 15 coupons. You can spend the coupons in the Dealers Room or Artist Alley at the October 13th show ONLY…They are INVALAID after the October 13th show. Also …NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN BACK FROM THE COUPONS…If you by a 3.00 item with the 20.00 coupon…you DON’T get back 17.00 dollars…if you by a 19.00 item… again DON’T get back 1.00 change. The ENTIRE 20.00 Coupon is to be spent with the purchase! EVERY Dealer / Artist in the show will accept the Coupons! TO ENTER THE CONTEST ..there are 3 ways to enter! #1 With your paid admission of 5.00 , you bring in a form you download from the website ,or fill out a postcard at the door……hand it to the Man-At-The-Door …. you will receive ONE Raffle Ticket ...You are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the contest! #2 If you COME IN COSTUME and , with your paid admission of 5.00 , you bring in a form you download from the website , or fill out a postcard at the door …. you will get THREE Raffle Tickets. You are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the contest! #3 If you WEAR AN ATLANTA COMIC CONVENTION T-SHIRT ,and with your paid admission of 5.00 , you bring in a form you download from the website , or fill out a postcard at the door…. you get THREE tickets. You are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the contest! At 3:00 pm , one of our Guests will draw THREE Numbers from the Raffle box, and, if it matches YOUR number ..YOU WIN ! We will have THREE WINNERS a 100.00, 200.00 OR 300.00 WORTH OF COUPONS WINNER ….. TO BUY ANYTHING YOU WANT AT THE SHOW!! The show is 11am to 5 pm at the Marriott Hotel - Century Center, 2000 Century Blvd , Atlanta Ga 30345. The BEST One Day Show in the South! 4 times a year for 23 years! Over ONE MILLION Comic Books ( Gold, Silver, Variants, CGC, Hottest Titles from 1.00 to 10,000) Toys ( Vintage and New, Marvel Legends, DC Direct, Pops, Star Wars) , Dr. Who, Posters , X-Files, Star Trek, Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Bladed Weapons ( knives and swords) , Tradepaperbacks ... More! FREE PARKING! Go to the website for full details and the coupon to fill out to enter the contest! Hope to see you there!
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Guests of Honor
Our 100th show! FIRST Comic show in the WORLD to reach 100!
EVERYONE that comes gets something FREE! ( Lego and Raffle entry)
Our Fan Appreciation show!
  • Dealer Room
Map to Atlanta Comic Convention
2000 Century Boulevard Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30345 US
Atlanta Comic Convention 2019