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AnthroExpo 2023

Jan 27-29, 2023
Oklahoma City, OK
Sheraton OKC Downtown Hotel
Oklahoma City, OK

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About AnthroExpo 2023

AnthroExpo, a multi-fandom convention is a captivating assemblage of all things furry, taking place amidst the vibrance and energy of Oklahoma City. This annual event, hosted at the Sheraton OKC Downtown Hotel offers an unparalleled experience for its attendees to delve into an enchanted world of anthropomorphic art, culture, and creativity. The event paints a lively portrait of the 'furry' fandom, with an array of stimulating activities ranging from specialty panels exploring the nuances of the fandom, a vibrant Dealers' Den and Artist Alley featuring unique furry merchandise, rocking dance parties, and the chance to meet esteemed Guests of Honor from the furry community. Embracing the theme '8-Bit Heroes' in 2024, AnthroExpo invites attendees to step into a world where the charm of retro gaming and the eccentricity of the furry fandom intersect. As you navigate through the sprawling Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman, OK, enjoy a unique blend of nostalgia and excitement with a myriad of events and activities specifically curated for the gaming, retro, and furry enthusiasts. Whether you're inquisitive about the fandom, looking to buy furry-themed merchandise, eager to groove on the dance floor, interested in meeting admired personalities, or simply keep up with the latest in the community, AnthroExpo certainly presents an immersive fandom adventure.
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