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AnthroExpo 2024

Feb 1-4, 2024
Oklahoma City, OK
Embassy Suites Hotel
Oklahoma City, OK

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About AnthroExpo 2024

Step into the imaginative world of AnthroExpo, an annual celebration of furry fandom, catering to a diverse array of subcultures from February 1 to 4, 2024. Nestled in the bustling heart of Oklahoma City, this event stages itself at the inviting and spacious Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman, OK. With its exciting 8-Bit Heroes theme, AnthroExpo stands tall as a vibrant oasis for anthropomorphic enthusiasts, offering a captivating platform to exchange ideas, revel in creativity, and embrace inclusivity. Over the convention's energizing four-day sequence, attendees dive deep into the engaging realms of furry culture. Embarking on an array of participatory exploits, guests will have the chance to attend intriguing panels, shop for unique pieces in the Dealers’ Den or Artist Alley, groove to the beat at exhilarating dance events, or potentially encounter our highly anticipated Guests of Honor. AnthroExpo takes pride in its charitable spirit too, as seen in its auction events supporting varied causes. This 2024, step into the pixel-powered universe of AnthroExpo and animate your furry fantasies.
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