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CONsole Room 2023

Jan 20-22, 2023
Bloomington, MN
Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America
Bloomington, MN

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About CONsole Room 2023

Stepping into its eleventh year, CONsole Room is Minnesota's ultimate Doctor Who convention. Since 2014, this annual event has served as the epicenter of all things Doctor Who, uniting fans from across the Twin Cities and beyond. This year, the event is all set to attain new heights, as it coincides with Doctor's 60th anniversary. So, whether you're a longtime follower of the Doctor or a recent initiate to the Whovian universe, CONsole Room promises an unforgettable experience. Join us for exciting panel discussions, engaging activities, costume events, and more. Sign up with a friend or two, and embark on a three-day journey into the magical world of the beloved Time Lord. Situated at the Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America, Bloomington, the convention maintains a vibrant online presence to ensure inclusivity. From Announcements to Registration, to exciting pre-event updates, the website and our social media channels keep attendees well-informed and connected. In celebrating the extraordinary charm of the Doctor's universe, CONsole Room continues to uphold its dedication to promoting fan-culture. With an alluring blend of traditional convention activities and innovative fan-driven content, the event strives to offer a uniquely immersive and enjoyable Whovian experience. Welcome, as we gear up for another thrilling incarnate of CONsole Room – Minnesota's premier Doctor Who convention.
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