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Gamicon 2024

Feb 23-25, 2024
Cedar Rapids, IA
Cedar Rapids Marriott
Cedar Rapids, IA

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About Gamicon 2024

Gamicon is a prestigious game convention and a beloved tradition of Eastern Iowa, bringing to the fray an extensive three-day program of family-friendly gaming events. Whether you're an enthusiast of board, card, or role-playing games, Gamicon's vast library of games and assortment of scheduled events will ensure a weekend of riveting entertainment. From a thrilling live game auction to the sought-after "Play-to-Win Games", your gaming journey at Gamicon will be nothing short of extraordinary. In our 26th year of running, we continue to be a prominent gaming platform, not just for Eastern Iowa, but for gaming aficionados throughout the Midwest. Our guest of honor this year is Nat Barmore, the co-creator of the award-winning Horror RPG Dread. This innovative game has been a favorite at Gamicon, known for its unique conflict-resolution mechanic utilizing a Jenga tower. Barmore's contributions to the gaming world extend to the Pulp adventure RPG Four Colors Al Fresco, and his running of The Impossible Dream, an RPG publishing company. This year's Gamicon will also see a change of venue to the Radisson Hotel Cedar Rapids, ensuring guests a comfortable stay during the convention. Be sure to be among the first 300 to pre-register so as not to miss out on our highly-anticipated swag bag. Celebrate gaming culture with us at Gamicon!
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