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DreamCon 2024

Jul 26-28, 2024
Austin, TX
Austin Convention Center
Austin, TX


About DreamCon 2024

DreamCon is an immersive anime and gaming convention birthed from the dreams of leading social media influencers, RDC World1. This fantastical event takes place in Austin, TX, and invites enthusiasts from across the globe to assemble and rejoice in the shared love for diverse cultural pillars such as pop culture, art, comics, cosplay, and music. Overflowing with thrilling activities, DreamCon boasts an exhibit hall teeming with merchandise, intensely fun gaming tournaments, and engaging panels that grant attendees behind-the-scenes glimpses into their favorite shows and games. Sprinkled throughout the convention are cosplay aficionados flaunting their intricate costumes, creeds of creators battling for Ultimate Trophies, and friends transforming into a family of fanatics. Immersed in this inclusive and inspiring atmosphere, attendees discover that dreams genuinely do materialize at DreamCon. Anticipation brews for the next gathering as each year, it only escalates in grandeur and innovation.
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