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Dr. Awkward

Dr. Awkward is a Scrub Club Records Nerdcore rapper with several hit songs and performances at Nerdapalooza and after parties at Comic Con, Florida’s Nerd Invasion, and Texas’ Comicpalooza. In 2009, Dr. Awkward released his first solo project “Next Gen,” in which Doc proclaims that he is the future of Nerdcore Hip Hop. The EP was hailed as an instant classic, with hits like “Geekquilibrium” and “Imposter.” Dr. Awkward release his latest album, “Unlimited” in April 2010, which features an amazing fusion of Nerdcore, Hip Hop, and R&B.

Convention Appearances By Dr. Awkward
Meta Con 2014
Anime Midwest 2014
AniMinneapolis 2014
AniMinneapolis 2013
Anime-zing! 2013
Meta Con 2013
Anime Midwest 2013
AniMinneapolis 2012
AniMinneapolis 2012
AniMinneapolis 2011