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Tia Ballard

Raised on generous helpings of wacky cartoons, this Southern blonde goofball works in the animation industry as an actor, writer, and director. With over 150 animation and video game roles under her belt, plus writing and directing, she is well trained in the art of not sleeping!

Most recently, Tia has been announced as Rinko Yamato in the hit show “My Love Story”. A few other roles include: Happy the Cat (Fairy Tail), Nanami (Kamisama Kiss), Beast (Black Butler: Book of Circus), Yoshino/Yoshinon (Date A Live), Hannah (Attack on Titan), Marron, misc (Dragon Ball Z, Kai, Xenoverse), Aligura (Blood Blockade Battlefront), Amira (Rage of Bahamut), Miss Becky (No-Rin), Tifa Lockhart (Screwattack Death Battle), Misora (Sky Wizards Academy), Peashy (Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation), Mizore (Rosario + Vampire), Porche, young Zephyr (One Piece), Chiho (The Devil is a Part-Timer), Hibana (Deadman Wonderland), Shao May (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Eris (Cat Planet Cuties), Rea (Sankarea), Hare (Guilty Crown), Megumi (Shiki), Kusano (Sekirei). Plus many others!

Whew! Here are some quotes.

“Tia is a good person and if you don’t love her you’re probably a jerk.”-Tia’s best friend
“So, Tia dresses up like Mickey Mouse or something at these conventions? I don’t get it.” -Tia’s brother
“Tia is delicious!” -A cannibal

Twitter: @tiatoony

Convention Appearances By Tia Ballard
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AniMinneapolis 2021
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