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Con Alt Delete 2013

Dec 13-15, 2013
Lisle, IL
Wyndham Lisle Hotel
Lisle, IL

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About Con Alt Delete 2013

Con Alt Delete 2013 is a fan-run anime convention scheduled to take place from December 13-15, 2013. The convention will be held at the Wyndham Lisle Hotel in Lisle, IL. The convention brings together tons of fans for a weekend that is exceptionally better than any other weekend you could ever have.
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Guests of Honor
Vic Mignogna Vic Mignogna voice actor
LittleKuriboh LittleKuriboh yu-gi-oh abridged
Trevor Mueller Trevor Mueller comic author
Russell Lissau Russell Lissau comic author
Richard Epcar Richard Epcar voice actor
Ellyn Stern Ellyn Stern voice actor
Marianne Miller Marianne Miller voice actor
Airship O'Reilly Airship O'Reilly steam punk
Jillian Coglan Jillian Coglan samurai instructor
Samurai Dan and Jillian Samurai Dan and Jillian samurai instructor
Doug Walker Doug Walker youtube
Con Alt Delete 2013